"Your love story through the eye of our lens"

—Sasha Alexander photography

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Wedding photographer Essex
Wedding photographer London
Wedding photographer london
Wedding photographer london
Essex wedding photographer
Essex wedding photographer
Essex wedding photography
documentary wedding photographer essex
documentary wedding photographer london
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We are Sasha Alexander Photography, a photography team who specialise in documentary wedding photography, shooting weddings across the UK.

We are storytellers, telling the story and emotion of your day through natural, candid, unstaged pictures. Every wedding is unique, and our aim is to capture those raw emotional moments for you to cherish and look back on in years to come. With documentary wedding photography, we will capture all those intimate moments that a 'traditional wedding photographer' will miss. The touch of a hand, the tear rolling from your grandparents eye, or that toddler that just will not sit still!

We have a relaxed working style, and the idea is you don't even know we are there. We blend in with your guests to capture the true romance of the day, not the 'staged shots'.

Wedding photographer Essex

What is documentary wedding photography?

Documentary. Reportage, Photojournalism, Candid. There are plenty of ways to describe our style of photography, but ultimately it is an honest, unscripted story of your day. 

You won’t hear us asking you to lift your chin higher, or saying “give her a kiss”, (do you really need to be told to kiss each other on your wedding day…?). When you look at your photographs in years to come you want be taken back to that moment, to feel all that excitement, and emotion, not being bossed around by your photographer!

 Just pure, unadulterated love.

Wedding photographer Essex

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